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SARS Debt Management and SARS Debt Negotiation

SARS Vat PAYE Tax Debt Relief Help by HG Thomson - Master Tax Professional (SAIT) Former SARS Tax Auditor (Johannesburg)

We have achieved a 100% success rate with SARS Debt Management and SARS Debt Negotiations.

The Advantages of Tax Debt Management

Avoid criminal prosecution (Jail) by appointing us to manage your SARS Vat and Tax debt for you, regardless of where you are situated. TDM specialists will put you in a position where you do not have to deal with SARS directly and you will be able to pay your SARS account, according to your affordability and cash flow. Let us take your SARS debt out of your office and into ours. TDM can manage your debt directly with your office or directly with SARS, depending on your situation. Our rates are affordable and reasonable.

Saving you Tax, Saving you Vat, Saving you Penalties, Saving you Interest, Saving you Time, Saving you Frustration, Saving your Assets, Saving your Income, Making you Compliant, Getting you Tax Clearance and Protecting your RIGHTS.

Please stop worrying about your SARS debt and contact us. We are keen to help you. We understand how you feel and would like to address any concerns you may have. We assist with debt amounts that are relatively small to amounts in excess of 300 Million Rand. We require you to email us a brief description of what your problem and amount is, to ; after which we will do a review of your debt and meet with you. A strategy is then determined and fees are agreed upon. We make use of Email; Telephone and Skype appointments.

Depending on your situation TDM may advise a number of interventions like, Objections, Appeals, Meetings with SARS, Cash flow Management, SARS Debt Management, Tax Debt Compromise, Installment Arrangements with SARS, Suspension of SARS Payments or a SARS Settlement Agreement. The objective being to preserve your assets, avoid criminal action against you and to secure the best terms for you at SARS.

Please note that TDM only contact SARS with your permission, confidentiality is guaranteed, and deal with them on your behalf, thereby allowing you to manage your business without interference from SARS. The debt management process includes determining if the debt is in fact correct and the completing of objections. In so doing we aim to save you tax, time, penalties, interest and hassles.

Regardless of where you are situated in South Africa, we can help you.

Why should I let you manage my SARS Debt Problem?

Because we are by far the most successful and experienced SARS Tax Debt Management Company in South Africa.

What size cases have you dealt with?

All sizes, but our largest was in excess of R350 Million Debt owing to SARS.

How experienced are you and your team?

My Team consists of +- 20 Accountants, Independent Reviewers, Tax Specialists and Vat Specialists. The core of which have been with me in excess of seven years.

Have any clients been arrested?


Why not?

Because we engaged SARS and negotiated the necessary compliance arrangements.

Have any clients lost any assets?

No, we pride ourselves on this fact.

Have you been unsuccessful on any Tax Debt Management case?

No, we have always been able to negotiate a suitable arrangement for our client with SARS.

Have you had to deal with Advocates and Lawyers?

Yes, very often we are asked to express an opinion or determine a strategy forward for a mutual client.

Does your team include a legal person?

Yes, our team includes an admitted Commercial Law Attorney.

Where do most of your Tax Debt clients come from?

Most of our clients are referred by Auditors, Accountants and from the Legal Profession.

Have you acted for clients who were investigated by the NPA or any other Government Agency (National Prosecuting Agency)?


What were the outcomes of such investigations?

We brought the clients to full compliance and the cases were withdrawn.

SARS have already checked and confirmed my debt and have a judgment against me, can you assist me or is it too late?

Yes, we can still assist. A judgment against you or your company for outstanding taxes means you have been blacklisted. This means the legal process has escalated to a critical level where urgent attention is required. We can help by applying for a tax debt management program to settle the outstanding taxes on terms and obtain a Tax Clearance Certificate.

Can SARS obtain taxes, interest or penalties from me even if it means I will go out of business or if I liquidate my company?

SARS will pursue the taxpayer until all outstanding taxes have been settled or the business has been closed and all assets sold to offset against the tax bill. In most instances they will pursue the owners of the business criminally.

How do I know if I owe what SARS says I owe?

We review your tax and financial records thoroughly for you. If your financial records are not up to date, we can go through your accounts and financials to determine the correct liability.

Will SARS liquidate me if I cannot, or refuse to pay my tax debt?

Yes, SARS will liquidate your personal and company assets to recover as much as possible towards the outstanding tax bill.

How do I confirm SARS penalties are accurate and actually apply to my case?

The different taxation acts relating to the type of tax involved give the different penalty scenarios.  As registered tax practitioners, TDM Tax Debt advisors can reconcile and ascertain whether the penalties are correct.

Can I negotiate with SARS on penalties?

Yes, if the penalties were incorrectly imposed or no criminal intention existed and the capital amount has already been settled, penalties can be negotiated.

My books are in a mess – how can I establish if SARS claims are correct?

TDM Tax Debt advisors can redo your financials in order to establish if SARS claims are correct.

How do I ensure I remain compliant and do not incur Tax debt?

By making sure you are aware of all the dealings between your company and SARS, and by employing people who are competent in dealing with the relevant tax matters in your industry, like TDM Tax Debt advisors. We will remind you of all the deadlines and put you in the best tax position possible.

Do you really know who to trust with your SARS Tax Debt Management?

Is your Accountant a Registered Master Tax Professional? Are you sure?

I am a Registered Master Tax Professional.

Did your Accountant do his training within SARS?

Yes. I trained at SARS Johannesburg as a Tax Auditor.

What training and experience does your Accountant really have in relation to SARS Tax Debt Management?

My Training at SARS was invaluable and Tax Debt Management is my area of specialization.

How many successful cases have they dealt with?

I have 29 years experience and am yet to find a case I cannot fix.

How complicated were these cases?

My cases have included groups of companies and I operate at the highest levels.

What were the amounts involved?

My cases range from tens of thousands of Rands to those in the Hundreds of Millions of Rands.

Is your Accountant placed in SARS' Top 20 Tax Practitioners?

Yes, I am.

Are you not placing yourself at further tax debt risk by utilizing other accountants or other debt management companies?

Please be careful, you may well be, as many of our worst case customers come from "so-called" experts.

Will they not just get you into further trouble with SARS?

Not when dealing with me.

Thomson's Tax Debt Management (TDM) is the right company for your SARS Tax Debt Management.

We live in difficult economic times and many companies just cannot afford to pay all their debts. Cash flow is tight and ultimately companies end a tax period not being able to pay its Vat, PAYE or corporate tax on time. It is at this time that the prospects of liquidating become an option and a fear.

However, the way I manage your SARS Tax liabilities need not necessarily lead to either liquidation or in the case of an individual, insolvency. At Thomson's Tax Debt Management  we ensure you become compliant by submitting all outstanding returns to SARS and negotiating terms with SARS on your debt balances.

I move you away from the risk of criminal prosecution to a position of being fully compliant. So if you are afraid of being charged criminally please contact me immediately.

I manage a team of +- 20 accountants each with their own area of specialty (like Vat for example). My team and I are highly skilled at negotiating with SARS. We understand SARS' language and we protect your rights as a taxpayer.

We take your financial cash flow position into account and thereby negotiate with SARS terms that are reasonable and affordable to you. Why should you worry when we can take care of you?

If need be we can re-do your financial statements if you feel there is a need to do so. We can test your financials for accuracy if you are unsure. Being accountants and Master Tax Professionals we are ideally suited to this type of work.

So whether you owe SARS Vat or SARS PAYE or SARS Corporate tax, we can certainly sort out your SARS Debt problems.

My SARS Debt Relief Team understand the fears you may have. We can address these one at a time with you. We can meet in person or by telephone and e-mail.

We will let you know what information we require and we then do a complete review of your debt situation. We then put together a team of Tax Debt Managers specific to your requirements and develop an action compliance plan for you.

Should you disagree with SARS' balances we will investigate the possibility of a SARS Objection or SARS Appeal for you.

Please don't ignore my advice as SARS can instruct 3rd parties who owe you money to pay SARS instead. Such treatment can be extremely embarrassing. SARS can also take money you hold at the banks and instruct the banks to hand over the monies to SARS instead.

In my experience SARS has merely issued a judgment and can have you blacklisted at the various credit agencies. This can be detrimental to applying for finance to grow your company or to pay off your tax debt by way of bank loan.

SARS can attach your assets and sell them off to defray your SARS tax debts. Without these assets you cannot run your company any longer.

Please contact me as soon as any of the above items become a concern to you or your business.

My name is Hedley Grant Thomson (click here to e-mail me now)

The TDM Management Team and their Contact Numbers:

HG Thomson - CEO Master Tax Practitioner (SAIT) Former Tax Auditor (SARS Johannesburg)  (084 900 5562) Mujib Ismail - GM (076 253 4393) Burgert Etchells - Snr Consultant (071 678 1536) Mishan Naran - Snr Consultant (072 374 5090) Simone JV Rensburg - Snr Consultant (079 510 7069)