We have achieved a 100% success rate with SARS Debt Management and SARS Debt Negotiations.


We are a team of +- 20 Consultants each specialising in their own field. This gives us an edge when dealing with your case as we take on a holistic approach ensuring we have you covered from every angle. Lead by Hedley Grant Thomson, a former Tax Auditor at SARS and a Master Tax Practitioner with 30 years experience, TDM has yet to find a Tax, PAYE or VAT problem we cannot solve. We remain committed to every case until our clients are fully compliant and can walk with confidence once again.

National Prosecuting Authority not Agency


Why should I let you manage my SARS Debt Problem?

Because we are by far the best and most experienced SARS Tax Debt Management Company in South Africa.


What size cases have you dealt with?

All sizes, but our largest was in excess of R350 Million Debt owing to SARS.


How experienced are you and your team?

My Team consists of +- 20 Accountants, Independent Reviewers, Tax Specialists and Vat Specialists. The core of which have been with me in excess of seven years.


Have any clients been arrested?

No. Because we engaged SARS and negotiated the necessary compliance arrangements.


Have any clients lost any assets?

No, we pride ourselves on this fact.


Have you been unsuccessful on any Tax Debt Management case?

No, we have always been able to negotiate a suitable arrangement for our client with SARS or dealt with the tax debt directly with the taxpayer.


Have you had to deal with Advocates and Lawyers?

Yes, very often we are asked to express an opinion or determine a strategy forward for a mutual client.


Does your team include a legal person?

Yes, our team includes an admitted Commercial Law Attorney.


Have you acted for clients who were investigated by the NPA or any other Government Agency (National Prosecuting Authority)?

Yes. We brought the clients to full compliance and the cases were withdrawn.


SARS have already checked and confirmed my debt and have a judgment against me, can you assist me or is it too late?

Yes, we can still assist. A judgment against you or your company for outstanding taxes means you have been blacklisted. This means the legal process has escalated to a critical level where urgent attention is required. We can help by applying for a tax debt management program to settle the outstanding taxes on terms and obtain a Tax Clearance Certificate.


My books are in a mess – how can I establish if SARS claims are correct?

TDM Tax Debt advisors can redo your financials in order to establish if SARS claims are correct.

Did your Accountant do his training within SARS?

Yes. I trained at SARS Johannesburg as a Tax Auditor. My Training at SARS was invaluable and Tax Debt Management is my area of specialization.


Thomson’s Tax Debt Management (TDM) is the right company for your SARS Tax Debt Management.