Avoid criminal prosecution (Jail) by appointing us to manage your SARS VAT, INCOME TAX OR PAYE debt for you, regardless of where you are situated.


There are various options available to the Taxpayer such as a Compromise application which can result in a reduction of the Tax debt payable to SARS.


How can we help

TDM specialists will put you in a position where you do not have to deal with SARS directly, and you will be able to pay your SARS account according to your affordability, cash flow and on terms acceptable by SARS.


The process

Let us take your SAPS debt out of your office and into ours.

TDM can manage your debt directly with your office or directly with SARS ,depending on your situation.

Our rates are affordable and reasonable. By appointing us we will save you time and money, helping you to protect your business and assets.We are keen to help you.

We understand how you feel and would like to address any concerns you may have. We assist with debt amounts that are relatively small to amounts in excess of a billion rand. All we require of you is to email us a brief description of  what your problem and amount is (to – or phone or Whatsapp Grant on 084 900 5562) after which we will do a review of your debt and meet with you.

A strategy is then determined and fees are agreed upon.

We make use of e-mail or telephone and Skype appointments.